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An aviation podcast hosted by Pilot Pip and Capt Al about flying, our jobs as professional pilots, aviation safety matters and general pilot bar talk and chit chat.

Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip and Capt Al, an aviation podcast about flying, aeroplanes and being a pilot.

In this episode we are joined by a special guest as we attempt a hostile take over of the Airline Pilot Guy show. 


1 Happy Air Traffic Controller Day. Who are our favourite (and least favourite) ATCO's ?

2 Easyjet passenger viral video for non mask wearing.

3. Sean Doyle replaces Alex Cruz as CEO of BA .

4. US passenger figures finally top 1m

Daily US Passengers Surpass 1 Million For First Time Since March

5. Wizz air low pass

6. Catalina stranded in Loch Ness

7. Flybe to be resurrected?


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Jim Howard has some thoughts and questions on EGBB (Birmingham) arrivals.

Old Codger Capt Nick shares some thoughts on military colour codes.

David Corston says hi.

Capt Al's Parable.

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