Plane Safety Podcast - Safety from the flightdeck
An aviation podcast hosted by Pilot Pip and Capt Al about flying, our jobs as professional pilots, aviation safety matters and general pilot bar talk and chit chat.

Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip & Capt Al.

This is a solo a diary pod with me (Pip), no Al I'm afraid due to technical issues.We'll be catching up with where I've been, what's happening in the quiet skies, ILS vs IGS, CPDLC & more.

Links mentioned in the episode :

Flyer Magazine

13 Minutes to the Moon Podcast

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Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast with Pip and Al. This is an aviation podcast about flying, aeroplanes and being a pilot. 

In this episode we'll be catching up the latest from Pip and Al as the lockdown continues to have a drastic impact on out industry. We are taking a look at some news stories including the recent PIA A320 crash at Karachi. ATC audio can be found at VAS Aviation 

In the Squawkbox.

Brian Coleman has sent us some rather naughty nose art pictures. Here are some examples  :

Thanks Brian !

Dr Pras sent us this article from the Newyorker telling the amazing story of Lawn Chair Larry. Very much worth a read !

Stefan has some questions about Cabin Pressurisation and includes a link to this story

William from LA says hi and shares some details about his flying career.

Chris Marsh says hi and reminds us that the fantastic radio sitcom Cabin Pressure is being rebroadcast on Sunday evenings on BBC Radio4 (hint, search Apple podcasts for Cumberbins Treasure). Essential listening.

Chris from Big Jet Airways says hi.

If you would like to contact the show please email or visit the Squawkbox

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