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Plane Safety Podcast Episode 13 - Fatigue

Hi everyone.

Thanks for downloading episode 13 of the Plane Safety Podcast - Safety from the Flightdeck. A podacst about aviation, flight safety and being a pilot.

In this episode we're taking a look at fatigue ; what it is, what causes it and how it effects pilots and airline operations. 


There's also a good number of squawks in squawkbox ;

Capt Jeff has some thoughts regarding the Kegworth Air Disaster

Tony also has a question following the Kegworth discussion

Anthony is thinking about leaving Australia for pastures new

Ray Williams has some thoughts on engine failure management using socks !

C5 Crash at Dover AFB

Controller Vlad says hello from Moscow

Erica Siwo suggests the American Airlines crash of AA1420 as a topic for future discussion

Andrew Barber has some thoughts regarding the different types of flying and the MPL (multi pilot license)

Adam Knight from the 'Go Flying Australia' podcast says g'day. You can find his great podcast at Go Flying Australia

If you have a question or something you'd like to share you can send your squawks to the show at or via the 'squawkbox' page on the new website

I'm also now on twitter #psafetypodcast and of vourse on Facebook

Until the next episode, take care & fly safe !


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