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Plane Safety Podcast 34 ; Radio Navigational aids

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In this episode we catch up on my latest tales from the Sky, a short tribute to the late Bob Hoover, some great feedback in the Squawkbox and we take an in depth look at ground based radio nav aids.

In the Squawkbox ;

David Abbey has some thoughts regarding issue of psychiatric care discussed in a the German Wings accident episode. He provides the following article for your consideration ; Article on CCHR

Marianna says hello and has a question relating to an incident I talked about on a previous episode.

Tony from South Africa tells us a little of his journey to gaining his license and employment.

FSJoe has some great questions regarding turboprop engines and propellers.

The MaineMan Micah has some audio feedback regarding carrier operations.

Sjoert from the Netherlands has some audio feedback and a question on NDB's and minimum facilities required at an airport.


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