Plane Safety Podcast - Safety from the flightdeck
An aviation podcast hosted by Pilot Pip and Capt Al about flying, our jobs as professional pilots, aviation safety matters and general pilot bar talk and chit chat.
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In this episode join Pilot Pip for a look at the 1977 Tenerife air crash involving two 747's. The crash investigation was a landmark in the development of CRM and human factors in the cockpit. 

Also, we have the lastest news and your feedback. 


Enjoy amd fly safe !

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Show notes.

Im still working on how create show notes. But if you're reading this then it means I've figured out how to do it (hurray !) and future episode will include show notes.

Remember, you can contact me via e-mail at or or on my facebook page...just search Plane Safety Podcast.

Thanks for listening,


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Join Pilot Pip for more flight safety related chat & your feedback. In this episode we talk about landing distances. 

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Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip - Episode 2

In the show, your feedback & a look at stable approaches.

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Well, here it is.....finally ! Episode 1 of Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip. In this episode, latest news, feedback (sort of) and the topic of the week is 'Flying in Uncontrolled Airspace' Enjoy and please get involved by sending feedback, questions and ideas to

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