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An aviation podcast hosted by Pilot Pip and Capt Al about flying, our jobs as professional pilots, aviation safety matters and general pilot bar talk and chit chat.
Plane Safety Podcast Episode 27 ; Time and Space

Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip, an aviation podcast from a pilot at 'Safejet' airlines.

This episode has a bit of a 'spacey' feel to it.  We're doing things a bit backwards ; we start with feedback in the Squawkbox, we have a Planetail of sorts and in Topic of the Week we take a look at Time. 

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Squawkbox :

Capt Nick has some thoughts on LOC approaches and SOP.

Antoine tells us a little about his approach to finding a job.

Ben Todd tells about about his trip in a RV9

Jez has a question about autoland

Nevil Bounds has some audio feedback regarding passports.


Rowland White ; Into the Black can be found here (I can highly recommended this authors work)

Intro/outro music ; 'Beef or Mutton' by Geoff Whitehorn

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