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Plane Safety Podcast Episode 21 - In Conversation with Captain Al.

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In this episode I'm joined by Captain Al of 'Royal Jet', an A320/321 skipper. We talk at length about the evacuations and Just Culture following the firing of an Allegiant Air captain, we also discuss appropriate use of autopilot, Heathrow's third runway and much much more. 

Of course, as usual we have some feedback in the Squawkbox.

Andrew has a question regarding te use of undercarriage.

Mattyfab has an audio squawk regarding sterile cockpit/

Sjoert Bakker has a question about scheduling.


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Plane Safety Podcast Episode 20 - Just Culture

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This is a podcast all about aviation and being a pilot.

In this episode we're taking a look at 'Just Culture' as well as well as the usual flying related idle chit chat and gossip.

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