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Plane Safety Podcast Episode 24 ; Fuel Planning

Welcome to episode 24 of the Plane Safety Podcast - Safety from the Flightdeck.

The focus in this episode is aviation fuel planning. We take a look at what constitutes minimum required fuel, how we can apply fuel planning rules and what happens if our airplane runs out of fuel ! I'll also be telling you about my latest trips and some of my latest flying adventures.

Fuel planning.

The EASA fuel policy can be found here, starting on page 113.

Reduced Contingency Fuel Procedure (RCF)


Pete Stroud says hi and has a question regarding circling approaches at Calvi, Corsica (LFKC). You can see the approach charts for Calvi LFKC charts.

Tony Damiano has some comment on the QF32 evacuation.

Joe also has some thoughts on the QF32 incident. Here's a link to the video Joe recommends : QF32

Nevil Bounds sent a link to an incident at London Luton airport (EGGW) involving an A320 departing from an intersection with the wrong thrust setting. You can read the story here : EGGW

Ben sent a squawk to tell us about his great day at at the Virtual Jet simulator in Exeter


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