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Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip. In this episode we're joined by regular co-host Capt Al, fresh from completing line training at his new airline.

In this episode we are taking a look at an incident involving a Hawker 800 in eastern Russia and discussing the implications of incorrect altimeter settings.

In the Squawkbox ; 

1. Jeff Delmege has some comments on episode 49

2. Heath Gleason's War & Peace of feedback includes comments on RNP & RNAV approaches, Embraer icing systems and a recommendation for luggage works suitcases.

3. Jim Howard says hi

4. Hamish also says hi.

5. Felipe tells of his recent wake turbulence encounter.

6. Jacob Darlington Brown tells us about his career progression onto the Saab 340 (awesome).

7. Ralph Walker has a question about food service at Safejets

8. Richard Nash has some questions on fuel planning.


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Intro & outro music by Geoff Whitehorn.

This episodes 'Dibly section' was pinched from the excellent John Finemore's Souvenir Programme.  

Thanks for listening.

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Hey everybody.

In this episode I'm talking with my pal and fellow pilot Capt Al, an A321 skipper with a UK airline. We tak about all sorts of things including some of the aeroplanes he has flown, flight deck experience & Just Culture in airlines and other aviation safety matters.

As usual we have a little look at some recent news stories, both personal and aviation related !!

No Squawkbox in this episode (I'll do it next time.....promise !). If you'd like to send your squawks, questions, thoughts and ideas then the address is

You can find more info on the show at, facebook and twitter @psafetypodcast

Intro & outro music by Geoff Whitehorn

Thanks for listening. Fly safe !


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