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Plane Safety Podcast 31 ; The German Wings Accident

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In this episode I'm joined by Royal Jet & Airbus pilot, Capt Al. The main topic of discussion is the German Wings accident in the French Alps in March 2015.

The full BEA report in to the accident can be found here ; BEA Report.

The EASA recommendations can be found here ; EASA Report



Shreenand Saddle says Hi and has some thoughts on the podcast.

Heath Gleason has some career news and thoughts on my navigation adventures in Russia. He provides a link to Jeppesen Airway manual ; Jepps

Jenny Parkinson has a question regarding METARs. An example of a full METAR/TAF decode can be found here ; METAR/TAF


End of episode skit shamelessly taken from John Finnimore's Souvenir Programme. 

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